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Aviation Consultancy Expertise

A.C.E. has been the result of the combined vision and efforts of three founding members back in 2006, following the change and re-development of a previously existing company founded on 1998, which was mainly focusing on human resource and training/education development.

Quality Auditing Techniques & Root Cause Analysis

| Venue: Athens, Greece | Instructor: Captain Stylianidis |
26/27 March 2020
! Due to recent COVID-19 VIRUS world crisis, the event
is postponed and will be re-scheduled accordingly !
more information and enrolment:

After a 20-year presence, A.C.E. is the expertise of these two companies together with the knowhow and experience of its current professionals exceeding the average of 35-years each in well known organisations of the airline, airport and aviation training industries. What makes A.C.E. a notable service provider is:

• comprehensive custom-made solutions
• broad range of services and training courses
• very competitive consultation offers and training costs
• multicultural and schedule flexible individuals in our teams

A.C.E. Aviation Consultancy Expertise

About A.C.E.

A.C.E. Aviation Consultancy Expertise Ltd was founded by private interests in December 2006.

A.C.E. Aviation Consultancy Expertise


Engaging in international aviation consultancy work and delivery of professional training courses...

A.C.E. Aviation Consultancy Expertise


Offering a broad range of professional aviation training courses providing the latest updates

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