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Services: Compliance

We are engaged in international aviation consultancy work and delivery of professional training courses.  Combining the extensive knowledge, skills, competencies and experience of our professionals, following standardized approaches and proven methodology, we achieve and deliver the results and solutions that you need. We focus and can provide consultancy and/or supporting services to the following areas:


  • Regulatory Requirements
  • Quality Assurance & Control
  • Management Systems (QMS, SMS, SeMS, EMS)
  • Risk Management
  • IOSA & ISAGO preparation and assistance
  • Auditing (Quality, Safety and Security)
  • Organisation GAP Analysis
  • Management of Change
  • Aviation Security Management
  • Occupational Health & Safety
  • Organisation Performance Analysis (KPI/SPI)
  • Compliance documentation and manuals
  • Emergency Response Planning and Business Continuity
  • Supplier Audits 

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